Bizosys Technologies Pvt Ltd rated as one of 11 fastest growing IT startups from India. In 2012, Bizosys was recognized by leading Indian IT trade body, NASSCOM  as one among top 10 IT product companies out of India. Bizosys management are a hands on engineering team with a track record of innovation, contributors to open source software backed by three decades of Enterprise software development and support experience – spanning architecture to user experience. Bizosys management are regular speakers at big data events - HasGeek Fifth Elephant 2014, CII KM 2014, HasGeek Fifth Elephant 2013, Microsoft Teched 2012, Hadoop India Summit 2011,  Nasscom NPC 2012.

In 2010, this team developed and open sourced a Hadoop based, real-time search engine HSearch. Visit and for more information.



Sunil is hands on with software engineering and has built and supported mission critical systems at large enterprises for two decades with technologies ranging from mainframes to Hadoop. His passion as an architect is best depicted by this Ray Ozzie quote - "I love software, because if you can imagine something, you can build it." During his career, he has played a key role as an architect at Infosys, Goldman Sachs. Before Bizosys, he had co-founded Drapsa, a retail supply chain solutions company.

Abinasha heads technology at Dataswft. He holds a patent and is filing more related to a unique index architecture optimized for machine data. He also conceptualized and built HSearch, a real-time, distributed search engine on Hadoop and HBase. He is an avid programmer with over 15 years of experience in creating and managing complex technology research centers. Before Bizosys, he had co-founded Drapsa, a retail supply chain solutions company.

Sridhar heads Product Management and Marketing. He has over 22 years’ experience providing innovative solutions to business development, product design, marketing, software engineering across industries ranging from manufacturing to consumer marketing to information technology. Sridhar serves on the national committee of CII’s Knowledge Management initiative. Sridhar was the first designer to join Infosys and helped setup UX Design practice where he integrated design methods into software engineering and received Chairman’s Excellence award for his work. Previously he worked at BPL, a leading consumer durable company designing and implementing brand identity.

We are proud to be using natural light, natural ventilation that helps keep our energy bills very low - in fact its 1/6th of similar businesses in our vicinity. 

Dataswft’s team with its broad and deep technology expertise is the ideal partner to bring innovative solutions to market. Developed big data products HSearch and Dataswft to deal with different variants of large scale unstructured and machine data. 

Abhinav, Ashish, Miriam, Nainika, Partha, Pramod, Ravi, Shubhendu, Vivek G, Vivek S are the talented team who collaborate in the open office plan that encourages active interaction and collaboration. All are quick learners and over half the team are experienced in big data technologies including Hadoop, Python, Java and front end Flex, HTML.

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