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Dataswft - Machine Data Lake

Dataswft combines big data engineering with advanced machine learning for sub-second query responses and accurate predictions. Dataswft Machine Data Lake is a one place to Store, Analyse & Predict.

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Dataswft is more speed for the data driven.

Dataswft delivers sub-second results for analytical queries on 100's of Terabytes data/billions of Records. Dataswft is a centralized reservoir for all your machine data supports queries beyond live nodes and extends to Objectstores such as S3. Dataswft readily integrates into your big data stack to boost performance several fold. 

Dataswft combines big data engineering with advanced machine learning to STORE - ANALYSE - PREDICT

Always Connected is an increasingly important aspect of our Connected Digital Universe, be it people or machines that constantly communicate user clicks and machine parameters. This digital data growth is exploding faster than the ability to strip it of its value. Storing 100s of Terabytes of machine data is not just complex, but requires cost-effective solutions to analyse and do better - to predict outcomes.

These are the capabilities of big data analytics that will drive new product/service offerings to leverage opportunities from large scale data in a Connected Digital Universe through reliable insights and actionable predictions.


Dataswft is a Machine Data Lake that addresses the challenges posed in mining Insights & Predictions from Large Scale Machine Data 


  • BE DATA DRIVEN - 1% Energy savings from better Building Management analysing sensor data
  • GET SPEED - Creating a multi-million dollar Customer Data Platform analysing clickstream data at speed
  • DO MORE - 50% reduction in manual effort by predicting likely faults more accurately using advanced machine learning to prevent Telecom equipment failures

Dataswft with its patent pending Index architecture, Tiered storage and Advanced machine learning out of the box is well-equipped to extract reliable insights and actionable predictions from large scale machine data in real-time cost-effectively. Dataswft is well-suited to address challenges of digital data growth and leverage all your machine data to store, analyse and predict.

Real time performance choices are many and all make good on the promise of faster, better, cheaper. Rarely do you see  new ways of thinking, or expand your technology world view that helps create an impactful solution.

Many technology choices

Many technology choices

For our customers, Dataswft performance is not merely faster, better, cheaper; its a new way to deal with how Dataswft stores 100s of Terabytes across a tiered storage, or how its unique Index specifically designed to handle time series data helps serve sub-second query responses or how large scale machine learnign algorithms run on Dataswft to predict events with 90% accuracy.

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